Trends 2023

by Klára Polánková

You probably already have a little idea how we think about trends. We consider personal style to be a pillar in our homes, which may evolve over time, but its basic elements remain unchanged. We think that style is eternal, timeless and economically (and ecologically) more advantageous. However, this does not mean that one cannot be inspired by current trends and implement them to such an extent that the interior develops pleasantly rather than completely changing from the ground up. Trends react to current events. They reflect where the world is going and reflect current lifestyle needs. And what trends will we see in interiors this year? We've put together a little prediction for you of where we think interiors will go this year.

Our homes have a direct effect on mood, health, general feeling of well-being and so-called well-being. This has been known for a long time, and since the beginning of the pandemic, this feeling has become even more anchored, deepened, or at least people have started to be more aware of this feeling. And we know from personal experience – if our homes, our bases, are in disarray or out of harmony, we can't feel good or perform as well as we'd like either. Therefore, looking for a balance of what we like, what is practical, what materials we like and what we generally perceive them as the basis of a quality life. Thus, a person can apply trends according to what he likes, to what extent he wants or not at all. It is important to reflect what you believe. And maybe it will just be "hot" or absolutely "not" - the most important thing is simply that you feel great at home!