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Creating your new home should be fun for you, not a chore.


We like to be inspired by you and your ideas, which we develop further.


We want you to live in our interior and enjoy its beauty to the fullest.

The story of Room Therapy

The story of Room Therapy began in 2020, when Anna and Tereza became friends and discovered that they had identical books on design in the library and shared the same passion for it. They soon understood that joint design debates were not enough for them. Practically overnight, they changed their previous lives with the vision of building an interior studio. A studio that will show people that a beautiful interior is not necessarily an unattainable luxury, but always a good investment.

Anna and Tereza first tested the operation of the studio in their own homes. They managed to connect the aesthetic line, which they previously perceived mainly from design books and magazines, with the practical use of space. In this way, they created dream homes that became not only a pleasure for the eye, but mainly a place for life with everything that belongs to it (from children to pets to the coronavirus crisis). Soon, the people around them started noticing their talent and attitude, and the whole project took off in full swing. The team has expanded to include other designers who work sensitively and individually with each design, but at the same time are not afraid to create unique homes that deviate from standard boxes.

In 2022, Klára joined the team, who met the girls, as is the case nowadays, via Instagram. Her experience in the field of fashion and design and, above all, her ultimate love for this field were firstly evident on Atelier's social networks, but it soon became clear to everyone that it would not end there. Klára soon began to participate more deeply in projects, until finally she was entrusted with the Room Therapy project - the creation of a completely new online interior studio that would offer interior therapy to everyone who needs it.

At Room Therapy, we want to show people that a beautiful and welcoming home can support the quality of life for each of us. Our studio will prove to you that it makes sense to take care of the place where you spend most of your free time.